Working City Centre BINGOS IS a benefit to all parents and children involved with the Clavet Arena.  The funds raised through these bingos allow the Arena to provide ice time to Minor Hockey and the Skating Club at subsidized rates.  In addition, the funds provide upgrades to the facility, purchase and maintenance of the Zamboni, PROTECTIVE GLASS, heating & lighting, and many other necessary items.  This provides a wonderful facility for our recreational activities.

The following is a list of requirements that must be met!

1.  Each player/skater are required to work a minimum of 2 BINGOS for the Arena, unless otherwise advised.

2.  CMHA hockey fees include $160.00 per playerr to cover these BINGOS which is reimbursed once bingos are worked.

3.  Those electing not to work THE BINGOS will not receive a re-imbursement of this bingo fee.

4.  To qualify for a full reimbursement of these bingo fees, all required bingos must be worked by March 31 of current season.

5.Keep track of the dates you have worked throughout the year.  A list showing BINGOS WORKED will be updated regularly and posted in the Arena during the season.  Please check and advise of any discrepancies.

Reimbursement will not be issued under the following circumstances:

1.  You SIGN UP for a bingo and don’t show up.

2.  You fail to work or make arrangements for your bingo requirements throughout the season.

Any questions, please feel free to contact the Minor Hockey Bingo Coordinator, Skating CLUB BINGO Coordinator, or Arena President 

Contact Chrisy Dziadul at 306-220-5128 or dziadulc@gmail.com to sign up for bingos. These dates can be used for those that still have bingo's to work from last year or for people that want to "bank" bingo's for the upcoming hockey season. Bingo dates will be posted on the bulletin board at the rink during the hockey season and below.

Current Bingo Dates available                                                             

March 15-5:00-9:30&9:30-1:30
April 26-5:00-9:30&9:30-1:30
May 11-5:00-9:30&9:30-1:30

**  April and May bingos will go toward 2019/20 hockey year.  And if you finish your bingos before registration, you do not have to pay bingo fees at registration time.**




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